Heat Seal Strength Testing With MAGMA


Hot tack testing and heat seal testing with the patented MAGMA test system is the most productive way to generate your packaging film seal curves. Fully automated with its companion Pilot software, MAGMA forms and tests heat seals according to ASTM F1921 under a wide range of pressures, temperatures, dwell times and peel rates.

The MAGMA test system easily triples the throughput of your hot tack and heat seal testing program.

How? It's the only tester with three integrated test stations that analyzes three samples at once. MAGMA generates test data three times faster than any other hot tack or heat seal test instrument in the industry.

Analyzing the hot tack and heat seal properties of flexible packaging film has never been easier or faster.

Enepay hot tack and heat seal test instrument for packaging film

3-Station MAGMA 

Quick seal curves from 3 stations

Simultaneously test three film specimens at each condition of pressure, temperature, dwell time, and peel rate. Generate complete heat seal curves and statistics with astonishing speed.

Produce data faster.

Hand-friendly film specimen loading

Insert film specimens into the auto-clamping, side-entry grips with an easy, single motion. After testing simply remove with a single pull. No fussing with thumbscrews. No struggling with levers.

Can it get any easier?

High accuracy seal strength data

Detect subtle variations in film properties. Precise data is assured with high sensitivity load cells, independent temperature control for all sealing jaws, and fully automated test control.

Test with confidence.

High value for packaging test lab

Greatly increase your testing throughput while improving the quality of your heat seal and hot tack data. MAGMA is the most cost-effective hot tack and heat seal test system in the industry.

Better data faster!

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