Focused on heat seal and hot tack testing

Enepay Corporation manufactures test systems which measure the heat seal and hot tack properties of flexible packaging film.

With our total focus on heat seal and hot tack characterization, we work hard to provide the easiest to use and most productive system available anywhere. And being a small company we pride ourselves on being fast and friendly in supporting our customers.

Intuitive solutions

Enepay is dedicated to providing intuitive test technology that streamlines your packaging testing practices. Its owners and founders draw from their many years of experience in developing, manufacturing and supporting testing systems and software. This wealth of knowledge plays an important role in the creation of our products and in the customer support we provide.

Our name: 'EN-eh-pay'

Our name is pronounced 'EN-eh-pay'. It derives from the language of the Sioux American Indian nation and means 'brave' and 'courageous'. The name 'Enepay' therefore reflects the commitment we have in boldly creating products and delivering services that really make a difference to our customers.

Want to know more about Enepay?

We'd enjoy telling you more about Enepay and how we can be of service to you. Contact us today!