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Optimizing Packaging Film Heat Seals

Two Test Systems, One Software Platform

Enepay offers the MAGMA and the NITRO Hot Tack and Heat Seal Test Systems, each based on the same Pilot test software platform. Both test instruments follow ASTM F1921, ASTM F2029 and ASTM F88 for hot tack and heat seal testing, and offer capabilities even beyond those standards. The MAGMA and NITRO share these features:

The difference between the two systems is in how many samples each can test simultaneously:

The 3-station MAGMA tests three samples at a time. It’s ideal for high volume R&D labs generating a lot of heat seal and hot tack data.

The 1-station NITRO tests one sample at a time. It’s a great solution for lower volume R&D labs and for QA departments.

MAGMA 3-Station

The MAGMA tests three samples simultaneously when generating hot tack and heat seal curves. It’s the fastest in the industry.

NITRO 1-Station

The NITRO tests one sample at a time to create hot tack and heat seal curves. It’s a highly productive solution for budget-conscious labs.

Pilot Test Software

Perform test control, data acquisition and data analysis for the MAGMA and NITRO test systems.

Pilot Viewer Software

Remotely view and analyze test data generated from both MAGMA and NITRO test systems.

Product Info for Heat Seal Testing

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