NEW!  1-Station NITRO Test System

For years the MAGMA 3-station hot tack and heat seal test system has set the standard for testing productivity and precision. Now, Enepay is introducing its new NITRO 1-station test system which will start shipping in the fall of 2020.

The NITRO is a budget-friendly hot tack and heat seal test system for labs with lower volume testing demands.

The NITRO test  system measures the hot tack and heat seal properties of film used in flexible packaging, bags and pouches. Under the control of Pilot software, NITRO automatically creates and tests heat seals under a programmable range of pressures, temperatures, dwell times and peel rates. The system automatically tabulates and plots statistics such as heat seal strength versus temperature, hot tack strength versus temperature, and averages and standard deviations of force data.

The test instrument follows the test methods described in ASTM F1921, ASTM F2029 and ASTM F88 for hot tack and heat seal testing, and offers capabilities even beyond those standards.

With its cost-saving single station design, easy to use operation, and precision measurement and control system, the NITRO offers tremendous value in affordability, productivity and data precision.

Hot tack and heat seal test system from Enepay

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Easy: Load packaging film specimens in one motion

Insert a specimen into the test station with a fast, single-motion action:
 - Grasp the top and bottom of the specimen.
 - Slide into the auto-clamping, side-entry grips.
 - Release.

No fussing with painful thumbscrews. No struggling with troublesome levers and mechanisms. The ease of specimen loading greatly contributes to repeatable specimen alignment, better data and higher productivity.

Heat seal sample loading

Precise: Create accurate hot tack, heat seal data

The NITRO test system is engineered using only the finest transducers and control components. The high sensitivity load cell, independent temperature control for upper and lower sealing jaws, high precision seal pressure control, and high accuracy peel motion servo control are integrated into a precision test instrument.

Contributing to the NITRO's exceptional data quality is the highly repeatable specimen alignment achieved during specimen loading. Alignment repeatability is a result of the easy-to-use, side-entry grips described before.

Precision hot tack and heat seal data

Analyze and export seal strength data easily

Pilot software gives you powerful data analysis tools. Plot heat seal strength or hot tack strength versus temperature. View average force and standard deviation at each temperature. And analyze other test results too.

Test data can be exported in CSV format for viewing and further analysis using third party spreadsheet software. Once test data is saved, Pilot Viewer software can be used to remotely access and analyze the saved data.

Precision hot tack and heat seal data

Run heat seal and hot tack tests safely

Once a sample set is loaded, close the clear guard door and simply hit "Start" in the Pilot user interface. Under control of the Pilot software, NITRO automatically seals sample, peels it, collects data and displays the results for instant review. 

All tests are safely done behind the protective clear guard door. This provides protection against operator harm, as no moving machine parts are exposed during test execution.

Once the sample set has been tested, Pilot prompts the operator to open the guard door to remove the samples and then to load the next set.

Hot tack and heat seal test system from Enepay

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Configure and calibrate with no tools

The NITRO is easy to calibrate, configure and maintain:

- Calibrate load transducers in minutes.
- Change seal jaws in minutes.
- Replace heaters with a swivel of a jaw.

No tools whatsoever are used. There's no need to keep wrenches, extra fasteners, removal handles, and other tools for routine system configuration work.

Easy calibration of load cell

ASTM F1921, ASTM F2029 and ASTM F88

Hot tack and heat seal test systems from Enepay follow these ASTM test standards:

ASTM F1921 (methods A and B)
Standard Test Methods for Hot Seal Strength (Hot Tack) of Thermoplastic Polymers and Blends Comprising the Sealing Surfaces of Flexible Webs.

ASTM F2029
Standard Practices for Making Laboratory Heat Seals for Determination of Heat Sealability of Flexible Barrier Materials as Measured by Seal Strength.

Standard Test Method for Seal Strength of Flexible Barrier Materials.


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