Pilot Software for Heat Seal
& Hot Tack Testing

Follows ASTM F1921, F2029, F88

Test software for MAGMA and NITRO

Pilot manages all operations of the MAGMA and NITRO test systems. Pilot’s versatility and the operator-friendly design of MAGMA and NITRO result in the quick generation of precise test data.

Under control of the Pilot software, MAGMA and NITRO automatically seals samples, peels them, collects data and displays the results for instant review. When running temperature profiles, Pilot automatically steps to the next temperature in the profile and prompts you for the next set of specimens.

Any combination of SI, metric and English units can be chosen for input and display of all test parameters and data results.

The Pilot test software enables both the MAGMA and NITRO test instruments to follow ASTM F1921, ASTM F2029 and ASTM F88 for hot tack and heat seal testing.

MAGMA 3-Station

NITRO 1-Station

Test parameters and test control

Definitions of test conditions can be saved in an unlimited number of parameter files for repeated use. Parameters include: temperature profile, seal pressure, dwell time, cooling time and air flow, test speed, and others.

Pilot gives you the option to test:

The combined hot tack and heat seal test option saves considerable time when both hot tack and heat seal data are needed. At each step in the temperature profile Pilot leads you through the hot tack test sequence and then prompts you to change samples before continuing to the heat seal test sequence.

Once a sample set is loaded you simply hit “Start” in the Pilot software. Under control of Pilot, the test system automatically seals the samples, peels them, collects data and displays the results for instant review. 

Pilot test software for hot tack and heat seal testing
Precision hot tack and heat seal data

Data analysis and exporting

A host of data and statistics are provided by Pilot, including:

All data can be exported in CSV format for analysis using third party spreadsheet software, and can be sent to any printer available to the PC. Saved data can be remotely accessed by Pilot Viewer software for analysis.

ASTM F1921, ASTM F2029 and ASTM F88

Hot tack and heat seal test systems from Enepay follow these ASTM test standards:

ASTM F1921 (methods A and B)

Standard Test Methods for Hot Seal Strength (Hot Tack) of Thermoplastic Polymers and Blends Comprising the Sealing Surfaces of Flexible Webs

ASTM F2029

Standard Practices for Making Laboratory Heat Seals for Determination of Heat Sealability of Flexible Barrier Materials as Measured by Seal Strength.


Standard Test Method for Seal Strength of Flexible Barrier Materials.

Product Info for Heat Seal Testing

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