Pilot Viewer for Test Data Analysis

View and Analyze Remotely

Remote analysis by multiple users

The optional Pilot Viewer is a desktop program that allows multiple users to view and analyze data generated by the MAGMA and NITRO test systems under control of the Pilot software. Viewing and analysis can be conveniently performed remotely and off-line from the MAGMA or NITRO system, avoiding interruption of ongoing packaging film testing.

Any combination of SI, metric and English units can be chosen for display of any test parameter, just as with the Pilot software. For maximum versatility, viewing and analysis units selected in Pilot Viewer are independent of the units selected during testing.

MAGMA 3-Station

NITRO 1-Station

Data analysis and exporting

A host of data and statistics are provided by Pilot Viewer, including:

All data can be exported in CSV format for analysis using third party spreadsheet software, and can be sent to any printer available to to the PC.

Precision hot tack and heat seal data
Precision hot tack and heat seal data

Protected data integrity

To ensure protection of test data, Pilot Viewer does not allow modification to test data. Therefore you can rest assured that while many users may access and analyze native test information, the original data itself is kept protected.

Product Info for Heat Seal Testing

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